The Irving Theater is a very cool performance space, retaining some of the charm of another era, while still being what I'm sure they would agree to be "a work in progress".  There are few "permanent" seats,  Some seating is from the original movie theater, some are folding chairs, some are donated pews from a renovated church.  Nearly everything can be moved to enable a unique flexible seating arrangement.

For our CGT concert, the band will perform ON THE FLOOR, in an intimate performance setting.   We will have five rows of seats arranged around the band for our PREMIUM seats.  If you'd like to sit closer to the band, this is the way to go.  If you don't mind -- or prefer -- to sit a little bit back, we have plenty of GENERAL ADMISSION seating.

Due to the complexities trying to number the seats, no specific seats are numbered, not for Premium nor General Admission seats.   The concert will have "open seating", meaning that you may choose your own seats in either section of the theater.   For the Premium seats, the first five rows nearest the band will be designated as such, and you may choose from available seats.   If you are attending with friends or family and wish to sit together, you might want to arrive together so that you you select your preferred spots.  We're trying to reduce stress and headaches with seating, and hope you will appreciate the opportunities and options we're creating.  And we're charging less than most venues.    We're all here to enjoy a wonderful show from a wonderful trio of musicians.

Another venue, "The Warehouse in Carmel", originally booked the CGT to perform on May 5th.  Earlier this year, that venue and its owner/promoter went defunct.  We don't know anything about that person or venue, but we DO know that they stiffed people who bought tickets, and didn't pay anything to the band.  Being fans and not wanting anyone to be cheated, we are paying the band their fees, their expenses, plus the Irving Theater.   We are not able to honor any tickets or specific seat you may have purchased from The Warehouse.  We are not able to refund anything you paid to that venue/promoter.  We have NO connection with them, and do not have any money they collected from tickets they sold.  That money is gone, we fear.   We hope that, somehow, someday, that promoter and venue will do the right thing and refund your money.

But, we are pleased to bring the CGT back to Indy, and pleased you may be able to join us.